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The Games Like App

The Games Like app lists the ten closest games to the one you have nominated according to what gamers like about each game. This doesn't mean that the games are from the same game cluster, but that they are liked for the same combination of reasons.

This publicly available data is based on research from a little while ago, but it gives you an idea of what we can provide. If you want the latest game mapping please contact GameVision.

What to do.

Either type in a game brand below or by pressing the "Show games" button pull up a list to select from.

If you then press the "Advance Settings" button you will see what it is about the game that is liked. The further the slider is over to the right, the more that aspect of gameplay you have nominated is liked by its players.

If you wish to adjust the criteria – so for instance if you wanted a game like Call of Duty, but less violent, and more about being a hero, then call up Call of Duty and then move the sliders and see what game best meets these motivations. All the data comes from player’s assessment of what they most like about each game.

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Top Ten Closest Games

  • Solo Strategies
  • Virtual Racers
  • Casual Puzzles
  • Simple Fun
  • Violent Stories
  • Intense Combat
  • Heroic Adventure
  • Fighters
  • Virtual Hobbies
  • Scary Combat
  • Family Adventure
  • Builders
  • Party Games
  • Physical Fun
  • Exploration & Adventure
  • Creative Fun
  • Mental Challenge
  • Narrative Puzzles
  • Team combat
  • Fight & combat

  • Violence

  • Speed & concentration

  • Beat my friends

  • Tricks & skills

  • Playing at parties

  • Short play periods

  • Play in a team

  • Develop & build

  • Develop abilities

  • Be creative

  • Character development

  • Mental challenege

  • Be a hero

  • Involvement in story

  • Explore & discover

  • Fantasy life

  • Take my time

  • Being physically active

  • Play with people

  • Suspense & tension

  • It is light hearted

  • Levelling up