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Gamer Segmentation

GameVision has created a new market segmentation to reflect the changes occurring in the games market. The GameVision Segmentation is based on 28 gameplay motivation statements asked of more than 20,000 gamers aged 15+ in our Gamer Survey.

The statements establish gamers' motivations for playing games and vary from 'solving puzzles' and 'beating my friends' to a wider variety of benefits such as team play, human interaction, being physically active and developing real life abilities. Gamers score these statements reflecting their importance to them when playing games.

We have been tracking gamer motivations for more than 10 years and have seen them shift substantially over that period. The segmentation is regularly reviewed to keep it relevant.

Our analysis of gamers' motivations generates eight distinct motivational segments, which are described below. We can conduct research by segment or create client specific segmentations if required.

Knowing gamers motivations for playing games also allows us to identify the market position for any game, its competitive set and who will play it.

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