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Market Sizing And Spend

Market Sizing and Spend Report

The Whole Market Sizing and Spend Report is made up of the 2 sections below. Please click on the tabs for detailed content. If you buy the Whole Market Sizing and Spend Report, you will also receive the Online Reporting Tool, which is not available for individual purchases. This tool allows you to cut the data in many different ways and produce your own charts for presentations.

European Market Sizing Spring 2014

  • Volume, Penetration and Profile of
    • Gamer Types
    • System Activity
    • Socio-Demographics
    • Gamer Commitment
  • Special Analysis of
    • Game Group Dynamics
    • Growth and Decline of Markets and Games Systems
  • Separate Trend Data from 2003-2014 for
    • Changes in Market Sizes
    • Long term Classical Market Trends
    • Numbers of Gamers Active on Each Games System
    • Numbers of Systems Gamers are Active On
    • Gamer Commitment by Gender

European Gamer Spending in the six months to Spring 2014

  • Penetration Data for
    • Number of New Games Bought from a Shop
    • Number of New Games Bought from a Website
    • Number of Second Hand, Rented and Digitally Downloaded Games Bought
    • Number of Social Network Game Content Purchase Events
    • Number of Subscriptions Bought
  • Trend Data for
    • Mean Number of Classical Games Purchased and Downloaded
    • Proportion and Mean Number of Games Bought using Various Purchase Channels
  • Amount Spent on and Share of Wallet Data for
    • Types of Game Purchase
    • DLC
    • Social Network Game Content
    • Subscriptions
  • Special Analysis on
    • Share of Wallet for Gamers Active on Console, PC, Tablet and Smartphone
    • Where High Street Retailers stand in comparison to other routes to purchase

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