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Games And Gamers

Games and Gamers Report

The Whole Games and Gamers Report has 7 sections: Gamers Hours of Play, The Use made of each Gamers System by Gamers, What Gamers Enjoy about Gaming, Multi-player Online Gaming, Gamer Characteristics – Life Stage, Purchase Intention - New Consoles and Qualitative Report on Kids, Gaming and Console Histories (for a detailed description, see each section).

Additionally, we include a top line PowerPoint report that provides the user with an analytical overview of Gamer’s behaviour and choices. This report is not available as a separate purchase.

Gamers Hours of Play in the six months to Spring 2014

  • Hours Spent Gaming
  • Mean and Total Hours Spent Gaming per week
  • Classical and Other Market Hours
  • Proportion Spending more than 15 Hours per Week Gaming
  • Total Hours Spent Gaming per week by Games System
  • Special Analysis on
    • Current Hours spent gaming by system and its implications for the market
  • Trend Data for 2003 to 2014 on
    • Average Hours of Classical Gaming by
    • Age and Gender
    • Country
    • Gamer Commitment
    • Gamer Segments

The Use made of each Games System by Gamers

  • Online and offline use, online access in the last 3 months and controller ownership (where applicable) for
    • Sony PSP
    • Sony PS Vita
    • Sony PS3
    • Microsoft Xbox 360
    • Nintendo DS/DSi
    • Nintendo 3DS
    • Nintendo Wii
    • PC
    • Smartphone
    • Tablet
  • Trend Data on the above apart from Smartphone and Tablet
  • An Insight Window giving a quick summary of usage of each system in the report

What Gamers Enjoy about Gaming Spring 2014

  • Analysis of Gamers’ Motivations for playing games
  • Insights into who prefers which types of game
  • Special Analysis on
    • Top Motivations for Gamers
    • Shifts in motivations due to changing trends
    • Game Specific Motivations (and many others)

Gamer Characteristics - Life Stage Spring 2014

  • Analysis of Gamers by
    • Marital Status
    • Education
    • Income
    • Household Structure
    • Employment Status
  • Number of Hours spent online on activities other than gaming
  • Special Analysis on
    • Surprising conclusions on the profile of a typical gamer
    • Impact of education, income, having children etc on gaming choices and behaviour

Purchase Intention – new consoles to Games System Migration and Purchase Intention Spring 2014

This report explores changes in gamers' use of games systems – playing more, playing less, starting or stopping – and the reasons for change.

The report also looks at plans for gaming system acquisition.

Freemium Gaming Spring 2014

Data on gamers' use of Freemium games which covers:

  • Systems used
  • Number of games played
  • Spend on Freemium games
  • Top 10 most recently played

Qualitative Report: Double Gaming Spring 2014

This qualitative research study is the result of interviews with 24 gamers in the UK, France and Italy. Looking at the behaviour and the motivations that underlie the increasingly popular phenomenon of playing the same game in a second place or time – on a second games system. The research covers Synchronous (e.g. using another device as a second controller/screen) and Asynchronous (using the second system while away from the first - e.g. trading/customisation apps) “double gaming”. The qualitative research is supported by some quantitative data on gamers’ Double Gaming behaviour.

Opinion Leaders Spring 2014

Data on gamers' Opinion Group status, which covers how gamers receive and distribute information about games and how they influence other gamers.

eSports Spring 2014

Data on gamers participation and interest in eSports, covering watching as well as playing eSports.

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